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The start from Yorba Regional Park to the Edna park SAG is mostly a gradual downhill, all the way to Huntington Beach.This does mean that you will be doing some gradual climbing on your way back, beginning at the SAG at Huntington Beach, then Edna Park and back to Yorba Regional Park.

The ride is nice on the Santa Ana River trail. It is a good cardiovascular work out on the way back!The total elevation for the metric century ride is roughly 2,700 feet.Yorba Regional Park opens its gates promptly at 7 AM, with a $5 parking fee.

The park's address is 7600 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807-2444 (view map and get directions).

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Sikad Route

The Sikad Fun Ride offers three routes: a 22-mile ride, a 44-mile, and a 62-mile (metric century) ride.

The course routes for the September 12, 2020 ride is currently being reviewed by our course committee to ensure your safety.   We need to strike a balance between road safety, accessibility to rest stations, and continuity in the ride in finalizing these routes. As soon as the courses are finalized, we will let you know here and in our Facebook site. That said, we are providing last year's routes for reference. We do not anticipate deviating significantly from the 2020 routes, other than perhaps changing direction (clockwise to counter-clockwise) but that is all still being worked out.

The metric century is composed of 20 miles on the Santa Ana River Trail and 42 miles of surface streets that go towards the hills of Santiago Canyon and back. This ride is a great cardiovascular workout! The highest elevation is on the corner of Loma Ridge and Santiago Canyon, which is about 1500 feet. This route contains a series of sprawling hills with gradual ascents and downhill runs.