our Goal

Our goal is to help rebuild a Nation, one house, one school at a time and in-line with Gawad Kalinga, where all our proceeds go to. Such is the call to giving. Sikad 2020’s cause is GK’s Kusina ng Kalinga Feeding program. Children will eat lunch everyday while in school.


Mission GK USA, working hand-in-hand with GK Headquarters Philippines, envisions a world free of poverty, by helping build caring and sharing communities, built by an empowered people, with renewed hope and restored dignity, throughout the world.

Products GK USA has 3 main product lines which includes Bayanihan Village Builder Campaign, Legacy Village Builder Campaign, and Building from the Ground Up Capital Campaign. For more details, please check out Gk1world.com.

Gawad Kalinga (To Give Care) Gawad Kalinga is a Philippine-based revolutionary movement whose mission is to eradicate poverty in the Philippines (and ultimate, in the world) through a holistic model of community development. GK is NATION BUILDING, where our less fortunate brothers and sisters are helped in rebuilding their lives with dignity, honor, values, and respect for themselves and their neighbors as they rebuild their homes and their communities.

Ending Poverty in the Philippines Through the successes of community building in the Philippines, GK aims to show the world that by uniting and bringing the heroism out of ordinary people, the seemingly insurmountable problem of poverty could be overcome. Gawad Kalinga, translated in English means "to give care," is an alternative solution to the blatant problem of poverty not just in the Philippines but the world.

GK USA is a duly constituted foundation under US laws with a 501(c)(3) status, and is the official partner of the Gawad Kalinga foundation in the Philippines. Sikad and GK Aside from community development, GK's programs also include youth and child development. Sikad teams up with GK in building SIBOL schools within the GK villages through the proceeds of the annual Sikad rides—providing values-based education to pre-school children aged 3-6 years old.

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